hashcat v4.1.0
(02-22-2018, 01:20 AM)slyexe Wrote: Nice! 20% improvement in WPA is a pretty HUGE accomplishment. Thank you hashcat team for your dedicated work!

How 20 % ??

Benchmarks on my 1050ti

3.5 version 110.1 kH/s
4.0 version 106.4 kH/s
4.1 version 116.3 kH/s

Real time test after 15 minutes.

-w 3 command

3.5 version 105 kH/s
4.1 version 111 kH/s

Improvement is about 5 % not 20 %..
Did checkpoints get fixed in this version? It can still take days to reach a checkpoint so that a hashcat process can exit cleanly.

In some cases, the checkpoint doesn't work at all and the keyspace will have to be exhausted for a clean shutdown of a hashcat process.
So I guess the answer to your question is "no"? Tongue Smile

Sounds reproducible, so good catch. The steps necessary to reproduce, in a GitHub issue, would make this actionable.
Hello, if i give someone my restrictions passcode key and salt can someone decode it?

[redacted -royce]
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