include SHA1 Hash with the results
Hi I'm new to hashcat and I'm struggling to find the answer top what I want to do. I have a list of SHA1 Hash  but I would like to show the hash and the password (If its cracked it or not). It would be probably better if I show you.

I'm trying to  get the results of hashcat to show as below so I can see which ones its cracked. At the moment Im just getting a list of the cracked passwords

5a1bc9bed2a7bd518d366798e5a2c76d334f94c0 sha1 MNYFUN

8dc4fc0a94ba80d0ba0bad817022c50cee104f84 (Not Found)
6f8af0474ab2a36781ee04d43e2f7a0a290f7916 (Not Found)
1999e4893f732ba38b948dbe8d34ed48cd54f058 sha1 buster
488753238083cee40b78f95cc23f6787483ce95d sha1  amyd01

I hope this makes sense, I'm not good at explaining things
you can use --left to show all hashes that are not cracked yet and --show to show all hashes that are already cracked with the corresponding passwords (see: