Trying to install hashcat on Windows 7 with AMD help
I have installed:
AMD driver for my 5770, it's listed version under Windows 7 Device Manager says "15.3"
OpenCL for Intel Core and Xeon processors

"No Device Found/Left" is the error I get whenever I use an option that forces GPU

-I option gives me a list of platforms: platform 1 is "Advanced Micro Devices etc" Device 1 is Xeon 3470 (What??)
Platform 2 is "Intel etc." Device 1 is Xeon 3470

I've been having this "No Device Found/Left" error since I started trying to run Hashcat on Windows 7 with the proper video driver.
There must be something missing, something not listed in the documentation. Does Catalyst Software Suite need to be install as well? What about AMD OpenCL 2.0 driver for Windows 8.1??

I don't understand, at all. I may be retarded, I do have ADHD, but I can usually figure out what's wrong in these situations. 
May be related: when trying to update my driver using AMD's installer it told me it couldn't find any ATI devices. I installed the driver, instead, through Device Manager allow windows to find the proper driver by directing it to the driver files location.
5770 is too old and not supported by AMD any more (and thus hashcat). try with -D1 for CPU only
(03-10-2018, 10:08 PM)undeath Wrote: 5770 is too old and not supported by AMD any more (and thus hashcat). try with -D1 for CPU only

ah, thanks. That is a pretty clear answer. And it does work fine for the CPU.
I have used a 5770 previously and it worked upto version 3.00 no problem. Just so you know, you can always grab an older version of hashcat at the end of the main page. If I recall correctly I would get about 40,000H/s with WPA2. 

But otherwise, like mentioned your hardware is outdated for the newest renditions of Hashcat.