Crack this hash, win 2 Bitcoins!
My wallet is not corrupt, I just do not remember the password nor do I have any clue, since I have already tried everything that I know of. My password is not very long, less than 8 digits I believe. There is a lot of btc, bch, and btg at risk here. If you can crack my password, you can keep 15000 dollars of the recovered sum, which is over 50 bitcoins, from when I used to mine.
I was able to extract the password hash from the wallet, and now I can kindly ask the community this. If you can crack my password hash, and post it here right on this thread. You will be entitled to 2 bitcoins from my wallet. I have put the password hash below-

I am asking for this huge favor since I do not have any high power computing material, whereas I know many of you do.

If I find the password, what do I do? 
Post it here, with your Bitcoin address.

Why should I help? 
1 1080 ti is enough power to crack 40000 hashes a second, whereas my pc can only do 400.
Thanks everyone!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask?

(03-21-2018, 02:10 PM)jackisme123 Wrote: My password is not very long, less than 8 digits I believe.

1-7 digits = 11111110 possibilities, 400 hashes per second = 7,7 hours.
You want to pay 2 bitcoin because you can't wait 8 hours? 

even if it was including 8 digits (111111110 possibilities) it would take you 3 and a half days.

No job pays 15000 dollars instead of waiting 3 days.
You should check the forum rules....