Quick, i think its working, sum1 please check
I think iv finally got this working..

No problems with the open Cl

And its checking hashes.

Can you please look at this image and tell me how it looks.

Cheers in advance.

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recent update....

Oh well, i thought it was working,

Now i get . Not a native opencl again on hashcat v3


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Any idea what openCl i should be using to get this working then...

Cheers in advance..

Current is pre installed with the radeon amd/ati drivers


Iv tried e few others but i obviously need a compatible driver...

Any ideas any1.

AMD/ATI Radeon hd 5 series

Holy crap man, it says right in your image what to do. Apply the --force parameter and hope she floats. Don't go breaking down doors if it doesn't cause as I mentioned before, you're working with OLD NON-COMPLIANT OPENCL HARDWARE. If you don't want to hassle with the errors downgrade to an earlier version of Hashcat which doesn't require OpenCL drivers, otherwise just read what hashcat is telling you to do to attempt to get it to work. 

But don't expect any help as your hardware is depreciated.

Also you can simply run a benchmark to see if its working rather than using the examples.