Hash acceptance on modes 9810 an 9800
Trying to crack an oldoffice $4 hash, it works with mode 9800 but not with mode 9810, any idea why ?

hashcat64.exe -m 9810 -a 3 hashlist ?b?b?b?b?b
hashcat (v4.1.0) starting...

Hashfile 'hashlist' on line 1 ($oldof...xxx): Signature unmatched
No hashes loaded.

hashcat64.exe -m 9800 -a 3 hashlist ?b?b?b?b?b
hashcat (v4.1.0) starting...

[works ok!]
$4 hashes are not supported by the collision modes since they do not use the short RC4 key. I made a change to have the label fixed to show that $4 is not included here: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/pull/1269
Hum ok thank you.
Is there a way to access to the data without the real password ?