Tesla P100 / HC 4.1.0 Benchmarks on Google Cloud
Tesla P100 / HC 4.1.0 Benchmarks on Google Cloud:

Using some of my $300 in trial credit on Google Cloud / Hashcat 4.1.0

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Cool results, tnx!
Is there a way to distribute password cracking jobs across servers ?
(GC currently limits to a maximum of 4 Tesla P100's per account)

If so and your interested to try, signup for the free trial and let me know how to set this up!!

GC asked for a $140 deposit...
"To help us ensure that this is a legitimate request and that the resources you requested are available to you"

After you get the quota increase here are the basic steps I took to get this up and running:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

wget http://developer.download.nvidia.com/com..._amd64.deb

sudo dpkg -i cuda-repo-ubuntu1604_9.1.85-1_amd64.deb
sudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys http://developer.download.nvidia.com/com...a2af80.pub
sudo apt update
sudo apt install cuda

sudo reboot

sudo nvidia-smi --persistence-mode=ENABLED
sudo nvidia-smi --applications-clocks-permission=UNRESTRICTED

nvidia-smi -q -i 0 -d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS
sudo nvidia-smi --applications-clocks=XXXX,XXX (see output from SUPPORTED CLOCKS)

sudo apt install p7zip-full

wget https://hashcat.net/files/hashcat-
7z x hashcat-
./hashcat64.bin -b | tee hashcat-benchmark.txt

I'm curious how this would be setup and to see 8, 16, 32.... Tesla P100's running!