GPU H/s to router Mbps
I'm wishing new graphic card, maybe GTX 1080, (wpa/wpa2 400 kH/s) and doubting for all these. There are often 3 types of router's bandwidth 54Mbps, 150Mbps and 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz. How many Hashes per secon can handle each bandwidth for ideal environment? Maybe 400 kH/s can't work with 54Mbps router. Then it's waste of money for new graphic card. Does exist any compare between  H/s and Mbps?
There is no relationship between WPA2 hash speed and wireless bandwidth speeds.
Why? I'm very confused! Will 400 kH/s work with all routers? Even with 54Mbps router?
I don't see how you're confused, it's simple. When cracking WPA/2 (2500) you will get the same hash rate with your GPU, no matter what type of router it is or what band it's using... Hash rate is based on the algorithm, not band/speed of a router.
I got it, thanks for all! But I think router's chipset has impact on H/s.
Nope. Totally unrelated ... unless you're using the router itself to crack hashes Wink
Big thanks for royce! Big Grin