Titan Z Questions
Hey, I was wondering if anyone here had benchmarks or estimates of what a Titan Z would perform like in Hashcat.

Would it outperform a 1080Ti?

I currently have the option to buy one for $999 CAD ($769 USD) and 1080Ti's go for around the same price so I'm trying to decide if its worth it or not.
I'm not familiar with whether or not there has been more than one era of Titan Z.

crackingservice.com benchmark says (for WPA2):

GeForce GTX titan Z 188000 hash/s

... but that may be for a previous generation or something.

IIRC they weren't as good for cracking as the 1080 or 1080ti. Judging from the equivalent crackingservice.com benchmark:

GeForce GTX 1080 395000 hash/s

... I recall correctly. Smile
The Titan Z is no recommendation. It uses 2 graphic chips that convert lots of power (>350W) in massiv heat. It's a pre-Maxwell card and therefor not very performant under hashcat. You can sort it well below a GTX1070 and somewhere near a 1060, depending on the hashes you're using.

They might be still good for gaming but for hashcat at that price it's a clear no-go.

And keep in mind the new generation from NVidia will come out soon.