Pending To Accepted

Would you please let me know how people can change requests "pending" into ones that you accept ?

I am selfishly referring to my request to add some sort of Markov feature in maskprocessor where a user can limit the number of repeated consecutive characters during a brute force. Here

Are you waiting for me to prove it is a good idea or are you waiting for more people to second it ? I don't think people know they are supposed to do that if that is the case.

I am just concerned we are waiting for something and I am unaware of what I am supposed to be doing ! Big Grin Ha ha !! It wouldn't be the first time I got confused ! Smile

Perhaps you are still contemplating it in which case I apologise for appearing to nag you.

no, just busy with other features
(12-31-2011, 01:54 AM)atom Wrote: no, just busy with other features

Ok Thats great ! Smile

I think I got confused with what the terms meant as I had originally set them up as follows.

Accepted = You will implement them in future releases.
Pending = You were deciding if it was a good idea.
Rejected = You will not implement the request.

Can I set all apart from (Table-Lookup Attack) as accepted now then ?
the status as it is remains