Good day, everyone!

I work with Kerberos authentication using wireshark to capture packets with information in it.
I want to hashcat Kerberos hashes, but have some problems with the template.

For example
Kerberos 5 AS-REQ Pre-Auth etype 23     

This is an example from hashcat website.

The first question: $krb5pa - so in my wireshark traffick the field will be different? or i should leave it in that way?

The second question: $23 - what is this? should i find in packets another value? Look at the attachment, i have maybe different value? should i put 18 in the template?
.png   application2.png (Size: 85.13 KB / Downloads: 3)

To take the information for the template i have to look it up in this packets.
.png   application1.png (Size: 15.38 KB / Downloads: 2)
Which of the packet should i take?

Well, i try to find the answer, looking in one of them.
Look please at the attachment and answer the questions.

.png   application3.png (Size: 72.24 KB / Downloads: 2)
and the last question: What field should i take as the hash?

Please help me with my problem.
I want to make my own project using c++. Could u please tell me answers without JtR?
have you actually looked at that file?
Thanks a lot!)

Please, tell me. Is it possible to take all required fields from 1 packet, or this information should be taken from many?