Help With Wordlists
I figured that people here would be the best to ask.

I have been searching for either software or hashcat tags that allow me to bruteforce, or make a wordlist with the following. 

10 characters long with only lowercase and numbers

use only numbers between 2 and 9

Only use 2-6 numbers in the password

as an example it could be
I am making a telus specifc wordlist for default router passwords I know their is a hex generator here at
 but it only generates 4-6 numbers in the password, but a lot of routers have only 2 numbers in the default password and the rest are letters. 

Any help with this would be great.
Because you want a variable number of digits, which could be anywhere in the string, you'll need a list of masks - not just a single mask. This list must be generated outside of hashcat.