Trying to figure out which video card to get

I'm somewhat new to this forum, but I had a question on video card selection.

I'm currently trying to figure out which video card to get for my new work machine. I tried out hashcat on my main gaming machine that has a 1080 ti and it had really amazing performance. But for my work machine I need to build myself and about 4-5 others in the office some semi decent machines. Only myself and one other person work with cracking hashes etc.... But we don't really mind buying used or new, so we are currently looking at these 4 cards.

The RX 480, r9 fury gtx 970, or the gtx 1060.

It has been awhile since I've needed to buy hardware for something like this. I know since maxwell nvidia has been much better lately. I'm just curious which one of these would be the fastest. Again I'm just kind of new to the newer stuff currently out there. 

all here

or here

Use google:
enter in line
hashcat "EnterGraficCardHere" benchmark
You can see a list of benchmarks from epixoip at

If you can afford it you should go 1080ti. If you cannot afford that then go for the TitanX.

Ultimately though, you should cross reference the algorithms youre going to be attacking with that benchmark list to see which GPU has the best performance.

Stay away from AMD.
Likewise, stay away from the new 2080/2080ti.