any genuis can detect hash type !
hello every cracker , 

first i want to thak Hashcat creators for this Huge tool .

today  i have a hashed password and the original password , but i did not find a way to know the exactly type of that hash , or mybe its salted ...
any way what i have : 


the original : 6ytHHAA

to clear things . when i login with my password : [b]6ytHHAA it enter normally , and the hash stored in db is  : [b]f220a1498ac5424e9f2259a18bafbde1e0899eab[/b][/b]

thank you all .
u have to post the source code.
hello ,
what you need exactly ?

thank you for ur answer
At least, we'd need to know where the hash comes from. Kiara probably meant the source code generating the hash
hello all ,
thank you for ur interesting , the hash is come from a website which use a php script to log into a user panel ,
thank you again .
the original password is : 6ytHHAA
the hashed password : f220a1498ac5424e9f2259a18bafbde1e0899eab
so if i know the hashing method or algo , so we can crack any other hash given .
Is it an open source user panel? can we get the php script source? I tried guessing salts to 7 chars prepended and appended for sha1 but no luck. Without knowing how hash is made we can do nothing.
hello , that's the problem i don't have access to php code ,

if any one find the solution i will give him a bounty of 20 usd , paypal
This is actually against the forum rule to ask people to crack your hashes.
If you're not granted access to that database, we can't help you any further.
im not asking some one to crack my hashes , i already try and try before for couple weeks , now im asking for heelp here .