Store Last word and show current word in status
Recently I started using oclHashCat. Very nice program. I've noticed very little things that might help all others.
first thing is showing where we have reached, not only the combination count, but showing current word in Brute Force attack for example
lets say we have mask -1 ?l?d?u?s ?1?1?1?1?1
so if we hit "s" the status may show combinations reached and last try , example : 0xs%
Also in this point of view, maybe it is a good idea to save the last combination somewhere and if program is interrupted/canceled or other, then to be able to RESUME the same mask starting from the last word reached not from the beginning.
Hope this will help everyone here
oclHashcat-plus is not designed for resume operation. therefore, a display in status of current position will not help you, since its not working sequencially. see wiki pages for a more detailed description.