Need help with inputs

So i've been trying to figure out how to configure hashcat to crack a SHA-256 pass with the length of 64.
I've tried a few variation of the increment and can't seem to get it to execute. I was wondering if somebody here could guide me through the correct steps to get it running.

For example: 

The pass is something like this: 9414ea9572a96336fc75eaa61f6c24441a54705d867ac26dbdbb6b2a780d854b

Utilizing numbers, and only lowercase letters for each unit. I want to set the script to run for specifically 64 char, length and to only test for a-z, 0-9. I've had a few attempts but the script just stops abruptly without any error, or will give me some sort of invalid mask error. I'm clearly not doing something right, so your help will be much appreciated.

Thank you!
You don't want to do this.

Assuming your command will work, length 64 brute force with a-z 0-9 is not going to work. Let's find out why:

Let's assume you have 149,000$ and buy a 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs platform, you can guess 59971.8 MH/s. Lets round this up to 60000 MH/s. 

The search space a-z 0-9 is 36 possibilities, you want to test that for every position in 64 length (ignoring lengths 1-63, so no increment). this means 36^64 possibilities. That's the same as about 4 * 10^99, in comparison there are only an estimated 3 * 10^80 particles in the universe

You will need 36^64 / 60000000000 seconds to search this space, taking an estimated 1.5 * 10^71 age of the universes to search. We are currently on 1 age of the universe since the big bang.

You don't want to do this.

If you would give every person on this planet 100 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs (12.5x above platforms)  you will need 1.6 * 10^66 universe lifetimes. Oh and about 14061875000000000 dollars (150 times all the money in the world)

You don't want to do this.
You're right, i don't want to do that.

Thank you for the thoughtful response, it is highly appreciated Smile
No problem, for the rest of the technical questions you can try and for the correct commandline options. Including how to set a mask correctly and how to use increment mode.