how change 8-15 wordlist limit ??
Hi, i try use hashcat-plus vs wpa/wpa2 handhshake , but the key is 20 characters i have mi passwordlist with the key written inside , hashcat no see , i think because limit length key is in


how can i change this ?

i read all options but no see nothing , i know hashcat accept rules , i can create a rule for more words lenght?

need at least

8-32 lenght rule

i can ?

thanks for all , and sorry for my bad english.
cracking plaintexts > length 15 is not supported.
Any plans to increase the length limit in an upcoming revision of oclhashcat+?
I am a newbe at this, but so far I have found oclhashcat+ to have the fastest speed around (now that I have properly installed Open CL on Backtrack5 for my AMD chip). However with a 15-character max password limit, it does limit its usefulness, somewhat.
And Atom as you seem to be the developer of this program, I want to thank you for your work and support, and giving it all away for free. Smile Great Job
i am not planing to increase this, sorry