Android sd-card decryption
Hi everybody,
here's my problem:
My Galaxy S7 crashed. Unfortunately I had no possibilty to  decrypt the SD card before flashing the phone.
Now I see that the data is available on the SD card, but I can not open it.
Hence my question:
Is it possible to use Hashcat to decrypt the SD card?
Thank you very much for your response.
you flashed the phone already ? The decryption key was most probably available only on the unlocked file system of that particular phone, to make it infeasible that the sd card can be easily decrypted by another device.
I would recommend not touching anything and consider contacting a data recovery expert (data forensic). Maybe there is still some way to recover the key on the phones file system. Otherwise, I would say it's impossible to decrypt the SD card by only having the encrypted data without the device-specific (AES?) encryption key.
No, hashcat can't really help here. It's just some kind of standard encryption (where the key is kind of device/phone-specific) and without the original phones data (+ SD encryption/decryption key) I don't think you can recover anything.