2080ti $Bitcoin$ hashrate
[Image: uM63EHD.png]
What do you think about this hashrate
I think you should learn to post plaintext instead of screenshots.
(10-14-2018, 02:34 PM)Kulahin Wrote: What do you think about this hashrate

It is a good hashrate for your card, which you did not mention. Lol I'm blind, it's in the title.
Why is this hashrate 266% faster than the hashrate shown in the 2080 TI benchmark, which was posted to this forum a short while ago?
The numbers of iterations for the "bitcoin hashes" is variable, there is a field within the hash (the 5th field after the signature) that specifies the number of iterations.
The default benchmark of hashcat with -11300 is using 200000 iterations. There are software wallets and/or other cryptocurrencies that could and do use completely different iteration counts. You can't compare them 1:1 without factoring in the iteration count.
Thanks for your reply Phil, it is truly very helpful, and explains the difference...