Hashcat outdated
hello when i start hashcat-gui-0.4.6 it says that this current version is outdated but i downloaded the latest hashcat-gui and also hashcat 0.38 and it still wont run, can anyone help me? thanks.
Hashcat-gui does not contain the new hashcatplus 0.38. You have to download the new oclhashcat-plus 0.38 and work with the command line .

I dont know when the hashcat-gui will be updated to include the latest hashcatplus. atcom tell us Big Grin
Is there some way to point hashcat-gui to the newly downloaded hashcat, oclhashcat, etc. binaries? I'm new to hashcat-gui and haven't looked at the file structure. Maybe it is possible to simply overwrite the other binaries with the new versions?
You can (in theory) download a new hashcat release and replace the version bundled with the gui. The GUI won't have new options or notice changes in how certain command line options work, so for releases that only have bug fixes or new features that would be fine, but doing this with the most recent release (merge of regular oclHc and oclHc-plus etc.) will cause random problems, replacing CPU hashcat and -lite should work fine as those only had non-invasive changes lately.

I'll try to get a new GUI release out to testers this weekend, if no problems arise perhaps even an official update on sunday already.
If you just change the folder names of the new downloads and place them in the GUI folder (and delete the previous version) the GUI will work again. As mentioned above it might not have all the features from the updates but will allow you to continue working from GUI until there is another update released. Enjoy!
Guys as a temp fix, if you still want to use the old setup just change your system date back to 2011
hashcat-gui-0.5.0 has been released and fixed that