Nvidia RTX 2070 vs AMD Vega RX 64
Hi there,

I plan to buy new GPU and I consider this two: Nvidia RTX 2070 vs AMD Vega RX 64. I found two benchmarks:
RTX 2070 with hashcat 5.0.0:

Vega 64 with hashcat 4.0.0:

I don't know how much performance changed from hashcat 4 to hashcat 5, but I make comparison based on two benchmarks above:
Red color - AMD is better
Green color - Nvidia is better

Based on comparison I can't figured out which one will be better.

Pros for me for Nvidia:
 - better performance in games
 - less power consumption
 - some new fancy technologies (which may be useful or not, like ray tracing)

Pros for me for AMD:
 - I have Radeon R7 260, so I could use both GPU
 - I have monitor with Freesync

Whats your opinion on this two cards?
Honestly, neither. Vega will overheat and throttle very quick, and the RTX 2070 is way overpriced. If you can find a 1080 at $300-$400 that’s probably your best bet. I got a 1080 used for $300 a few months ago and couldn’t be happier.

On a side note, if it isn’t an immediate concern, perhaps you’d wanna wait for AMD’s next gen Navi cards to see how they stack up. Can’t say I’m expecting much after how bad Vega was, but we’ll see.
Radeon VII (7) just announced.

Vega 2nd generation at 7nm with 62% faster OpenCL performance than Vega64 could be a potential hashcat killer GPU.

We have to see real hashcat performance and thermal/ power consumption figures, but I think you should wait for this card till February's release date.
Looks like Radeon 7 is being released initially as a triple fan card. Power consumption figures remain the same and price is not enticing. The only thing I see this doing is bumping used Vega 64 & 56 prices down to where they belonged at release.

Of course, all this is idle speculation. I'll wait for the reviews, as usual.
The power consumption is half of what killed Vega. Unless you’re water cooled, you’re guaranteed to overheat within a minute or two. Stability is nonexistent in a large chunk of AMD cards.
(01-09-2019, 08:23 PM)Nikos Wrote: Vega 2nd generation at 7nm with 62% faster OpenCL performance than Vega64 could be a potential hashcat killer GPU.

It's "up to" 62% faster. The clock speed rises by only 20% and the power usage stays at 300W, I'd give it no more than 25% faster hash rates over the Vega 64. That's more than generous since it will have ~6% less ALUs.

One could ask where the improvement in the big die shrink from 14nm to 7nm comes into effekt. A small bump up in clock rate and +5% more transistors at the same power level is more than disappointing. The price will set it on par with the RTX 2080. No need for excitement.