FileVault 2 performance issue?
Hey guys.

Decided to test my new rig (RTX2080) against my old(ish) imac with filevault 2 enabled, as i cant remember what i put in for the password Wink After some tedious (fun...) work to extract the hash, I've put it to work. As FileVault hashcracking with hashcat is fairly new, I cant find a lot of benchmarks on it - but I found one from a 1080ti card, which shows that it does around 90000 H/s. My tests so far give me around 21000 H/s. I wonder what might be wrong?  Newest sparkling CUDA was installed yesterday - and from my other post here with the benchmark, it kicks ass on most other hashes Big Grin

Any ideas? If it could be related to the mask im testing with, thats my one option so far to look at - i havent tried a dictionary attack yet.
That algorithm likely has a variable for iterations. You can only compare benchmarks for the same iteration count (eg by using hashcat's benchmark mode).
Ah yes, that could explain it. From the 1080ti benchmark:
Speed.#1.........: 90098 H/s (255.27ms) @ Accel:512 Loops:128 Thr:256 Vec:1

And from the hashcat output im seeing Accel:32 Loops:16 Thr:640 - not sure about iterations.

Thanks for the quick reply :-)
iterations count is part of the hash.