Nordic charset
When I click the "Start" button in HashCat-Gui (bruteforce) there is a problem with the Nordic charset "ÆØÅæøå" these are in the dos prompt translated to incorrect letters;


Translates to (in the dos prompt);

When I try to copy the commandline, and run it manually I get an error;

D:\working\hashcat-cli64.exe --hash-mode 1000 --attack-mode 3 --rem
ove --output-file recovered.txt --bf-cs-buf abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJ
KLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789!"#%&/()=?`@$+-*\_æøåÆØÅ£?½§ --bf-pw-min 7 --bf-pw-max
7 --segment-size 64 D:/log/hash D:\log\List\words2.txt
Usage: hashcat-cli64.exe [options] hashfile [wordfiles|directories]

Try --help for more help.

One thing I notice is that the "Hash file" open at the top has what appear to be a wrong notation, it uses / instead of \ but changing this in the command prompt does not help.

Other than that excellent utility :-)

ps. one thing that seem unclear, when entering charset is "Uppercase" and "Lowercase" automatically tried or do I need to enter both "A" and "a"?

Best regards
I got this problem too, trying to use the Swedish chars ÅÄÖ witch are pretty common in the Swedish language but they are also translated to incorrect letters.
they are not translated at all. hashcat words byte wise and does not convert anything. this means if you dictionary contains the chars encoded in ascii then the password hash has be generated on a system with ascii encoding.