Password in list, but hashcat cant find it? [Electrum litecoin wallet]
Hi everyone,
I am trying to brute force one of my old electrum litecoin wallets but before I started - i wanted to check if I having the right password on a list will even work.

These are the steps i used:

*Downloaded the correct correlated version of the wallet, created a new wallet with 123abc as a password.
*downloaded the newest Jumbo package john the ripper program to use 
*converted my wallet file into a hash which gave me "$electrum$2*XXXXXXXXXX*XXXXXXXXX") -> into hash.txt
*I've put 10 lines of passwords with one of them being the right one (123abc), called the file known.txt
*I've used hashcat64.exe -m 16600 -a 0 hash.txt known.txt

The program seems to be running, but nothing is found.

anyone have any idea why is this happening? I understood $electrum$2 does work from not long ago.

Thanks in advance!
does the example hash from work for you ?

Do you see any self-test errors at the start of hashcat ?

If you are sure that the hash should crack and your setup (driver/hardware etc) is working for other hashes, just failing for this specific type 2 hash (which works with electrum), you should open a new github issue and include all the information and (test) hashes + password:

Thank you very much
update: I'm pretty sure this problem with electrum2 was already fixed, see: and

any version > 5.1.0 should work (currently only the beta from has the fix)
Yap, #1942 solved my issue.