My master Password

Please help with this. I have a blockchain account and lost a master password. I only remember one word. I will not say here how long the password is. How can I restore it? I'm not a PC guru. Do I win 10 goes with this program? Thank you for your help. I have been reading for three years and I can not find the password I'm desperate. Recovery PC did not help password was already overwritten. Help me please. contact me

This informations NXT wallet generate master password is 12 words long I have only one word. This password look word gap word gap word. I know how is language. I have ID account and public key also.

Help me please. My PC win 10, CPU intel xeon, GPU, VEga 56 8Gb.
How open this program to decrypted my password? I dont no.

Thank you for answer.
Now is 221 views but no answer me why? How can I prove that my account is mine. I have to scan and foto give here? To help me? There has been no answer for NXT for 2 years. Why? I see that no help me why? I send my problem 3.9.19 but no ansver me.
Long time but no help? Please 357 views but no answer me why?
are you talking about / wallets ? what files do you have ?

hashcat supports these:
-m 12700 = Blockchain, My Wallet, $blockchain$...
-m 15200 = Blockchain, My Wallet, V2, $blockchain$v2$...
-m 18800 = Blockchain, My Wallet, Second Password (SHA256), (base64 output of btcrecover for blockchain 2nd pass)

you can use from to convert the files for the first 2 hash types from the (wallet) file
[quote = "philsmd" pid = '45159' dateline = '1562232667']
mluvíte o peněženkách / jaké soubory máš?

hashcat podporuje tyto:
-m 12700 = Blockchain, Moje peněženka, $ blockchain $ ...
-m 15200 = Blockchain, Moje peněženka, V2, $ blockchain $ v2 $ ...
-m 18800 = Blockchain, Moje peněženka, druhé heslo (SHA256), (výstup base64 btcrecover pro blockchain 2nd pass)

můžete použít z k převodu souborů pro první 2 typy hash ze souboru (peněženka)

Yes wallet blockchain. I have wallet NXT with master code but only one words. Other i was crash on my flash. This problem I have from 3 years ego and nothing help me. I have on this wallet my money and this is problem for me.
Where help me? Nothing. Zero help.