Hashcat 5 Different Behaviour on AMD(Exhaust) and NVIDEA(cracked) cards
i together,
I observed a weird behaviour of hashcat 5.

When I start a hybrid attack (-a 6) with piping on NETLMv1(- m 5500) hashcat says Exhausted but the correct combination is created i have checked this because i wrote all combinations to a file.
But when I load the file to hashcat in a dictionary attack its exhausted too while the correct password is in the file..

At first I thought it could be the OS cause I used Windows but I observed this behaviour on a native linux machine too.

My next thought was that maybe something is wrong with my card. I checked this behaviour on a different card of a friend with same behaviour. But both cards are AMD cards.

Today I tried a NVIDEA card of another friend and the problems dont exist there. Its cracked immediately
first of all, exhausted only means that not all hashes are cracked. Are you trying to crack multiple hashes ?
if at least one of the hashes is not cracked, hashcat will show "Exhausted".

If you are trying to crack a single hash only and the exhausted problem has nothing to do with multiple hashes, do you see any warnings at the beginning of hashcat ? e.g. self-test failtures etc

Does the example hash wrk ?

Which driver do you use ? rocm ?

btw. -a 6 and piping do not work together. stdin/pipes are only supported with -a 0. I'm not sure what you mean by -a 6 + piping