A couple of noob questions about the GUI version.
I've searched the forums, and haven't come up with an exact answer to either of these:

1.) How do I add a rule to the Combinator attack in the box in GUI?  Just typing in ?a like the Wiki says to do for command line doesn't do anything.  Is there syntax beyond that?

2.) I have a pretty low-end laptop, but it does have its own dedicated GPU, a GTX 1050.  Hashcat deliberately ignores this (it tells me it's skipping Device 2) in favor of the CPU.  Is this for the best, or should I be forcing it somehow to also (or only) use the GPU?

3.) Is it possible to do a three wordlist combination?  I figure probably not, and I should just generate them with a wordlist combiner, but thought I'd ask.

Thanks for the help with these very basic questions.
1. the GUI is a 3rd party tool not developed by us. if you need help read the documentation provided by the GUI's author or contact them directly

2. what are the drivers you have installed ? you probably haven't setup your system correctly or your GPU is not activated by the system/uefi by default because you have a further non-dedicated (Intel ?) GPU etc, please show the full output of "hashcat64.exe -I"

3. combinator3.bin from hashcat-utils piped to hashcat (combinator3 dict1 dict2 dict3 | hashcat -m 0 -a 0 ...) or combine the smaller 2 dicts in advance and let hashcat add the 3rd one with -a 1 directly.