Hashcat is taking 10 YEARS to crack a WPA!!!
i'm trying to use the hashcat for the first time, for cracking a wpa wifi ... time estimated is 10 YEARS .. i have a Lenovo thinkpad t410 with i5 processor , 4 gb ram and HDD 320 GB ( 70 GB only for The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) and the rest is left space ) ,and Nvidia GT218M [NVS 3100M] , with a rockyou list .. so i'm not planning to wait 10 years as this is too fast and i don't like that kinda of fast thing

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what's your command? Do you use -a 0 (dictionary attack) ?

it's also always bad to crack on notebooks, they will throttle because of heat/temperture problems.

WPA is of course one of the slower algorithms with a minimum password length of 8. nobody said that's the easiest thing on earth to crack passwords of a very slow algorithm like WPA.
Anyway, it could also be that your command is incorrect and you are doing something wrong. Without the command and details about the speed (or even a screenshot/output) we can't really help much here. it could be anything (and indeed it could also just be a bad strategy to attack the hash and wrong command etc).
Maybe once you get that wifi password you'll be set for life. Good luck on the 10 years man! make sure you do it at work so you don't pay the power bill!
If you use ancient hardware, it might take a while.