AMD GPU不适合Office 2013中的哈希破解
I use amd gpu to automatically turn off the power of the host when cracking the office 2013 hash. Have you encountered such a problem, and my NVIDIA 1080ti gpu will not turn off the power.

Use amd 480 8g and amd580 4g graphics card. The same problem occurs. I have tried to replace the host power and motherboard memory and other hardware, can not solve this problem. Does the occurrence of this problem and amd gpu not apply to the hash crack of office2013?
might simply be overheating or a weak PSU
(04-27-2019, 10:18 AM)undeath Wrote: might simply be overheating or a weak PSU

I have used a 1000 watt platinum power supply on another computer. I have tried several times on the power supply problem to eliminate the problem of power shortage. Only one amd rx480 is installed on a new computer. The graphics card problem still exists. The low temperature of the power supply should not be caused by the overheating temperature. The partners who use the amd graphics card help me test whether the rx480 rx580 graphics card cracks the office 2013 (hashcat64.exe -a 0 -m 9600) hash when there is a problem like me.
AMD GPUs like to draw more power than they are electrically designed to draw, and they like to draw extra power from the PCIe slot rather than the PCIe power cables. PCIe slot can only deliver 75W, but AMD sees no problem with trying to draw 100W+ from the slot. If your motherboard supports supplemental PCIe slot power, such a molex or SATA power connector on the motherboard next to the PCIe slots, you should definitely use it. Otherwise, you can go old school and buy an EVGA Power Boost or similar. Or just ditch the AMD GPU.