Hash type sorting
Is there a hash type sorting program that anyone uses?  I have been going through some of the older Korelogic challenge files and a few other misc. ones.  They all provide a large hash file with 5-10 hash types in the file.  I just use my grep-fu to tear apart the files into stand alone files by type.  Then I can use the --remove when running to slowly bring down the sizes of the file as I crack the hashes. 

Is there anything better? or just grep?
best advice would be to do it manually. There are some software that try to detect hashes, but they are all crap and not reliable. You sometimes can't say what the hash type is if you do not know which software/code generated it. "hash identifiers" like hashID for instance try to determine hashes by the length/signature etc, but it's not really reliable. sometimes you get dozens of results (very likely/probable algos) because the hashes just look the same/similar.

I think that grep and maybe a good text editor are the best options for an advanced user.
You can always compare the hashes with the example hashes (https://hashcat.net/wiki/example_hashes).
Thanks for the quick reply. I will keep doing it manually.