Brain - couple of questions
I'm new to this hashcat thing and still learning how to use it properly. Now I do know that I shouldn't use brain functionality NTLM's but what I plan to do is to use couple of computers at my work to use their combined computing power. I'm stryggling to understand how I should use brain (yeah, very funny), so here are the steps that I'm taking to run this:

My first test was to run server and client on the same machine just to see if it works or not.

1. Open ps windows and run

.\hashcat64.exe --brain-server
This will give me the authentication password needed to connect to it
2. Open second ps windows and run the attack
.\hashcat64.exe -m1000 -d1 -a0 D:\hg\Hashes\nthashes.txt  D:\hg\Wordlist\wordlist.txt -r .\rules\best64.rule -r .\rules\generated2.rule -w3 -O --brain-password 6d616d43e14f8e53 --brain-client-features 3
3. I watch the results in the second windows and straight away as I run the command I can see there are lots of Rejected results but shortly after the rejected count drops drastically. Is that how it should work?
4. I run the attack again with the exact same parameters and - if I understand correctly - it should tell me there are 100% rejected straight away, right? Because it doesn't
I forgot the "-z" switch, doh!
features should be used as they were meant to be used. brain is not a replacement for the -s / -l option or a distributed cracking setup.

you could/should use something like hashtopolis (which btw has also support for brain as far as I know)