Running Hashcat on SSH
Hi, I'm considering running Hashcat on a headless machine via SSH, but I'm wondering if it would be easy to manage since some ssh sessions would be finish even the Hashcat cracking session would be still working longer, could I get to the same resume display that I was before closing the ssh connection?
Would be more beneficial running it over desktop VNC ?
What I want is to keep the machine as clean as possible just to have Hashcat, HCXTOOLS and wordlists. What distribution would you recommend for that propose?
Have a look into screen and tmux. These are CLI utilities that allow you to create multiple "working spaces" and resume/attach to each one you create when you like.

VNC will work but not strictly necessary.

Distro wise just about anything will work. Just keep in mind you will need to satisfy some driver requirements for your wifi adapter and OpenCL for hashcat. Have a look at a distro you would like to run and see if you can get compatible drivers for your GPU of choice that hashcat will work on.

If you are not a seasoned linux user stick with a popular disto like ubuntu. A ton of people use it and have likely ran into the same issues as you. So finding solutions is typically easier.
On under "Patches, tips and tricks" there is 'SSH into running terminal - using screen'
Thanks a lot . Finally I'll use Ubuntu and temux. Lets see if I am skilled enough for loading hashes there.