Hashcat initial problem
Hi, I am using hashcat 5.1.0 on a Windows 7 32bit system. My graphic card is Radeon HD 6570. Driver version Catalyst-15.11.1Beta.
Everytime I try to run hashcat32 to test any hccapx file, eg. "hashcat32.exe -a 0 -m 2500 "C:\WPA\sample.hccapx" "C:\Wordlist\sample.txt".

I got the Windows program crash window "hashcat32.exe has stopped working". And in the CMD window, it shows "ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get(): -3".

However, I searched over the forums and found a way to by pass this problem by adding "--self-test-disable". So the hashcat can start running.

Now I am facing another problem. When I use "-a 0" or "-a 3" mode with/without rules, the program runs just fine. But when I tried to initial "-a 6" or "-a 7" hybrid mode, I got

Error compiling program for amp.
Frontend phase failed compilation.
Error: Creating kernel amp failed!

* Device #1: Kernel ./OpenCL/amp_a1.cl build failed - proceeding without this device.

The process would stop at this point. Is there anyone who can provide me explanation and solution of this problem? Thank you!
Your GPU is way too old. It's not properly supported anymore.
Do you mean that the Radeon HD 6570 GPU does not support come OpenCL features which are required to run the hybrid mode? I've just tested another 9800GT graphic card. But it came out the same problem...
Yes, pretty much. The 9800GT is equally old.
Just use an older version of Hashcat.  https://hashcat.net/hashcat/ Scroll to the very bottom, I'd suggest 4.00 to begin with. If you need to go back further, version 3.5.0 was the first version to implement hccapx format I believe.