NVIDIA Tesla M10-1B
Hello there,

In advance, I'm deeply sorry to ask such a newbie question but I'm really confused:
- On a shared virtual desktop infrastructure (on Windows 10) I do have access to a Tesla M10-1B vGPU
- This vGPU is not declared with a CUDA support, neither here https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus, nor there https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/latest/grid...pport-vgpu 
- An NVIDIA driver is installed on the virtual desktop, quite recent (something like 4XX)

Obviously, I don't see it when I launch hashcat...
So, how could I make hashcat work with this vGPU ? How does it come that this card is not listed with CUDA support ? 
What am I missing ?

Thanks for your insights,
Best regards.
The Tesla M10 is made of "four mid-tier Maxwell GPUs", namely the GM107 like in a GeForce 750 from 2014, to be shared by 64 virtual desktop users.

You really want to run Hashcat on a 16th of an outdated mid-range GPU? :-)