Hashing NTLM with frequencies
I just downloaded the huge dump of NTLM hashes, but the file has a colon and the number of frequencies at the end of each line.

Sorry for such a basic question, but what parameter do I use to ignore the : and the number at the end of each line.  I am getting the No Hashes Found error.

not supported. you need to preprocess the hash file.
Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know of a Windows command to truncate the lines of text?
I would suggest getting a text editor with nice features such as Notepad++, this has a more powerful search and replace functionality (using regex for example). Then with a few tutorials you can edit the file to only include the NTLM hashes
I just went ahead and copied the 20GB text file to Linux and used the following command:

cut -c -32 filename.txt > hashes.txt

Surprisingly it only took about 1 minute for Linux to process the file.
Just curious, what is the maximum number of hashes that can be loaded in one process? I'm getting an error CL_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZE.
hard to say, depends on the hash type and your vram and possibly the attack you're running.