Password Length Help
Hello All,
            Not an original story Im sure....

I have hashcat running to try and find a password for encrypted iPhone back I created for my girlfriend without setting or remembering a password for it.  not sure if the password is something she set previously or something I entered... I have tried all the usuals with no luck so I got hash cat running with a dictionary attack and no mask

just getting hashcat running was pushing up against my terminal window knowledge limit...

time estimated is 1.5 year+....  (running on an aging MacBook Pro)

so I was wondering if hashcat can be configured to just tell me the password length as this my help me to eliminate a lot of variables and help construct a mask.

any other suggestions that might help are greatly appreciated.....

Thank You. Key0nee
That is not possible. You only know the password length for sure if you have already cracked the hash

what is you command ?
Thanks for the reply Philsmd.....