oclhashcat and linux
I am a new among you

my fisrt question : oclhashcat work in linux server with ati card supported or only in linux desktop ?

2- in this exemple with ati HD5970 : 1 GPU active not 2 , right ?

GPU-Loops: 1024
GPU-Accel: 80
Password lengths range: 15 - 15
Platform: AMD compatible platform found
Watchdog: Temperature limit set to 90c
Device #1: Cypress, 512MB, 0Mhz, 20MCU
Device #2: Cypress, 512MB, 0Mhz, 20MCU
1. both
2. No
(01-29-2012, 11:42 PM)radix Wrote: 1. both

i only partly agree here. Of course it doesn't matter if you use a server or desktop distribution but you need a X server running in order to use AMD cards.
what i need if i used linux server with ssh ? ------------ "X server"
The screen must be necessarily connected in server ?
yes and the user requires a valid xsessions. so the user that you use for login to ssh must be logged in via gdm.