Brain and restore, possible bug/intentional feature ?
Hi People,

tl;dr hashcat.restore stores the brain password. hashcat --restore ignores the command line arguments for a new password.

You either need to start to the brain with the brain password that was in place when the restore point was created or edit the restore file.

Is this the expected behavior ?
well, the fact that you can't change the command line actually makes sense according to this:

Quote:the only parameters allowed

the more important question here would be if it makes sense to "store" the password.

I think this is actually just a side-effect, because the .restore/--restore feature just saved the whole command and expects the user to resume exactly the same command. changing the command in some ways (like adding -O together with -s/-l etc) could make the whole restore process fail.
That's why hashcat only allows the --session argument when restoring a session