Add min/max parameter to req (hashcat-utils)
Could you add a paramater to specify minimum and maximum limit of characters found in string to be passed by req? For instance, if the password must have at least 2 numeric characters, the command would be:
$ ./req.bin 4 2 <dict.txt >2-digit.txt

If the output should have no more than 3 special characters, it would be:

$ ./req.bin 8 -3 <dict.txt >lt4-special.txt

No more than 5 non-alpha (can it work this way, or is '8' a negated set?):

$ ./req.bin 12 -5 <dict.txt >lt5-ds.txt

The reason for this request is that I have a huge amount of entries in my expanded wordlists which have multiple special characters and are unlikely to ever create a real plaintext when used in combinator or hybrid attacks. I want to reduce the expanded dictionaries to be concentrated on likely plaintext combinations.
All right, please add to Wiki Feature request section.
I added it as Accepted. Is that correct, or should it be Pending?
Accepted is correct. Thank you
Hi Atom,

thanks for an top notch program I've jusat bought an AMD/ATI gpu entirely for hashcat Big Grin 7870 to be precise loving step up from a long term nvidia user.

I'm wondering how close are you from finishing this new Req feature?

Look forward to your reply
I did not start yet, sry, busy with other things, and welcome to AMD world.