newbie question - rejected passwords stay at zero
Hi, I have searched in the forums for this answer before posting - I apologise if I have missed something obvious.

I have a problem with this command running in my test environment

hashcat64.exe -m 2500 -d 1 -a 0 3221_1572315396.hccapx d:/hashcat-5.1.0/test.txt

What the problem is that when running the rejected count is not increasing i.e. I would think if there was a problem with the capture / hccapx / wordlist that I would see a error??

Is there something obvious why the rejected count does not increase??

Thanks in advance
Password candidates are only rejected when they're not applicable - for example, if the minimum password length supported by the password hash format is 8, and candidates less than 8 are being attempted.
Thanks Royce - that has helped me greatly.