Litecoin asic L3+ and Scrypt hash
Hello again, i want to ask
Is it technically possible in theory to use Litecoin Asic L3+ for brute -m 15700 hash?
I think that there are several ways to do this
1) Make  special hashcat firmware for asic -  rather unreal for third party devs
2) Send tasks from hashcat to ASIC like a mining pool, but i am not sure is it real to simulate bruting like a mining requests

Tell me pls you opinion and sorry if question is silly.
ASICs are very very specific about the thing they do. You won't be able to utilise those for anything but litecoin mining.
Basically maximum performance requires minimum flexibility and vice versa:
* ASICs are the fastest because they are chips designed specifically for one task and one task only
* GPUs are fast as long as all cores all do exactly the same thing just with different data
* CPUs can do pretty much everything possible with software
* FPGAs can do even more as they essentially emulate hardware
I know FPGA very strong and fast in mining, but they need well knowledge to make program for it