[split] Feature/Algo poll oclHashcat v0.23 (DES support)
*shock* DES is no option anymore?
Yes! http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-56-post-334.html#pid334
sad to hear this, as I often see DES used on unix systems (of course not for the root acc xD ).
One of the advantages of the DES hash is the support by perl crypt(), whats the reason for being used by very many scripts with an user-adding feature.

according to this post it is possible to increase the speed of GPU-accelerated bitsliced DES siginficantly:

greez undeath
Well, Andrey Belenko did say that, however, look here: the post was made on June 19 2009.Today is 14 July 2010. 1 year and 25 days have passed since then.And no Elcomsoft product supports bitsliced DES(Unix) on GPU! Even EDPR has non-bitsliced CPU implementation of DES(Unix).
No proof.
you sure about that? i think DES is one of the most hunted targets in the commercial cracking scene. for example, there are projects based on fpga to build DES cracking hardware and people invest a lot of money to build them.
ok, that means we are still talking about theoretical numbers. in gpu computing even the smallest changes can have very big impact on speed.
Actually, that Elcomsoft implemented bitslicing into LM makes sense, since EDPR is afaik is fastest @ handling LM hashes on GPU.
But I dont understand, why not implementing it on DES(Unix) then?
Done with oclHashcat-plus v0.09: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1541.html

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