Custom mask generator
(12-26-2019, 05:31 PM)undeath Wrote: Ah, I understand. No, that's not possible with hashcat and I believe it's not as easy to implement as you expect.

One thing you could do is run each mask until 5% or 10% (you can probably use -s/-l here for scripting), stop the attack, save the restore file for resuming later and then continue with the next mask.

I ran into some problems trying to implement your advice. Apparently -s/-l cannot be used with mask files. When I try the following code:

hashcat -a 3 -m 0 -O crack.txt mask.hcmask -l 10000000000000

I get an error saying that:

Use of --skip/--limit is not supported with --increment or mask files.

Isn't the whole point of using these parameters to skip the current mask and go to the next? I noticed that I can manually do this by pressing [b]ypass during the execution. But ideally I'd like to program that to happen after x time, or y words, or z percentage of words in a mask. Am I doing something wrong? I also looked at the --runtime argument, but that only works in a single mask, or better phrased, it stops the session entirely, instead of going to the next mask. My current workaround is creating a loop initiating a session for every mask in my .hcmask and setting a runtime for it, but this doesn't seem ideal. During this approach I also noticed that using the -l parameter doesn't actually stop after the specified number of tries, it just keeps going as if it wasn't defined.

To keep it simple, I'm just looking for a way to bypass a certain mask after x time.
The restore file format can do that...

masks_pos is the start/offset (it starts counting with 0) of the total number of masks