how long it takes
Hi guys,

64 character hexadecimal hashed with sha512
128 character hexadecimal hashed with sha512
I found out that some of the apps are using 128 character version of this while some of them using 64 character version for seed generation.

I wonder if 64 character hexadecimal could be cracked with very very powerful vps setup?

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no, that's not feasible

random data is very difficult to brute-force starting with some (quite "small") lengths and I think you didn't really do the math here:
64 hex would be 16 ^ 64 = 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936


Even with some tremendous cracking rigs (or let's say "super computers" because some people are more familiar with that term) and even a very, very fast hash ... a brute-force of 9-10 random bytes is starting to become completely infeasible to crack (let alone 32 random bytes as in your example).... just do the math yourself.... The world doesn't even have that much atoms or grains of sand etc.
It would take light years and no human people will survive this absurd amount of years for sure.