hash on rasberry 4 armv7l with a kaili linux
hello ,

i would like to know if i could use naive-hashcat with my rasberry pi4.
i just got kaili linux installed on and i did download one distrib of hashcat but it look like it the 3.6.0 so maybe it to old.

but when i try it it told me it count execute the binary file, so i did check the distrib that it linux and the version of my gpu, but it turn out it a armv7l.

don t know if hashcat work on it or not, if someone can advice me or give me some tip on this.

i got a file that i need to hash , thanks in advance
only x86 systems are officially supported even though you can probably compile hashcat for arm. However, I'm not aware of any working OpenCL runtime for arm/rpi which is required to use hashcat.
thank you for the reply , i did try to use all the binary that was in the folder but it didn t work, look like it not supported :/
I've compiled and run hashcat on a raspberryPi, and it does work. It's horribly slow naturally, but it does work. Also pretty frustrating to get going...

You have to compile some funky OpenCL version: https://github.com/wimvanderbauwhede/lim...berry-Pi-3
And compile hashcat itself, both of which take their sweet time.

At the end of all that, there's still no GPU support (cpu only), the only real payoff I saw was the technical experience, so I'd recommend some soul searching before diving in.

There's was some experimental openCL work for the GPU in the pi3, but I basically rage quit trying to get it to work right. Smile


mdxfind says it supports ARM, but I can't verify that or any kind of performance.

Good luck!