help rar5 lost password
hello, having lost my rar5 archive password, I turned to hashcat to find it, but without success. having no knowledge in hashcat, I come to ask for help from the community to help me. Which attack method would be best suited to recover the password πŸ™„ the password and composed in this way. Piiiiii-Le_Piiiiiiiii_0000000000 -! @ # The error can be a dash, a capital letter or an error with special characters at the end. I know the words to use in the password, the numbers, but I don't know how to do it. Thanks in advance to everyone who can help me
English please.
Step 1 : extract a hash from your archive file (via John executableΒ or online)
Step 2 : run a mask attack.
dsl for the message in french, I translate my messages and I did not pay attention 😁 thank you for your response

I will try to understand what you proposed to me as a solution and if I do not succeed I will come back to you, cordially