Hashfile 'hash100.txt' on line 1 Token length exception : No Hashes Loaded
hey so i was attempting to crack my windows 10 password that i had on this computer and when i was attempting to decrypt the hash i had (The command was hashcat64.exe -m 1000 -a 0 --force --show hash100.txt wordlist1.lst)

however when attempting to do it i ran into this error:

Hashfile 'hash100.txt' on line 1 (): Token length exception

No hashes loaded.

i got my hash off some password dumping program and i'm wondering if anything was wrong by any chance?

i'm trying to decrypt a LM and an NTLM hash.

any help would be appreciated!
Do not use --force
Do not use --show (makes no sense while trying to *crack* hashes)

Example hashes can be found here: https://hashcat.net/wiki/example_hashes
or use the command: hashcat -m 1000 --example-hashes

The hash in your hash file should look similar to the example hashes.

Hashcat actually supports the pwdump format (special case)... but your file doesn't seem to contain a hash similar to the example hashes at all. Therefore I would advise to double check if the hash is using the format that hashcat expects.