Merge pcap with gps data (nmea) and visualize it on map

Not a hashcat question but this forum seems like a right place to ask.

Cant find proper tool for merging radiotap dump with nmea from gps device. Is there any? 

Also, can I have my own Wigle? Any solution to host such a thing on premises? The closest thing I know would be Kismet but I cant host Kismet on my mobile build to dump pcapng with gps in a first place and probably would need to jump through some tough hoops to import my data into Kismet' geo-visualizer. 

What I need is to view sources of signal on map (ideally - make some basic queries and not only for APs but also for STAs).
What I can do is dumping radiotap and nmea with tcpdump and some cat. 

Running hxcdumptool is possible but is kinda last resort kind of thing. Still, would need some decent solution to store, query and visualize that data. 

Im quite new to all that geolocation stuff so literally any advice would be appreciated.