Help! print hash result in hex in kernel
Hello, recently I changed one kernel file with my hash algorithm.
It is some iterations of HMAC-SHA-512. So I worked on the kernel of it.

When, I changed three pure files and start to test the new kernel. 
I got the error of self-test failed. (Before I started, I deleted all files under /kernels and changed the ST_PASS and ST_HASH values in module_1760.c to right.)

So I want to know the hash result in every iteration but don't know how to print it to standard output.

any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
you can use normal printf debugging:
printf ("08x\n", a);

also have a look at the dev guide, it will explain several of these concepts and how to best develop/debug:

while developing you could temporarily disable the self-test with --self-test-disable, it also makes sense to limit the amount of password candidates per second, and also the input (1 word in dict)... e.g. -n 1 -u 1 -T 1 --force (attention: only developers that have a working system and do know what they are doing can/should sometimes use --force, NEVER EVER use this otherwise)
Hello,after I add a line "printf("%08x\n", ctx.opad.h);" in kernel function, I got an error "Kernel minimum runtime larger than default TDR".
And I also tested in the kernel of HMAC-SHA512, it can crack hash without printf and can't crack the same example with printf, getting the same error.
The parameters are added, e.g. --self-test-disable -n 1 -u 1 -T 1 --force.
Calling printf slows down the kernel a *lot*; if you're doing it in the inner-most loop, it's probably being called often enough to put the kernel out the back in terms of runtime. However, `-n1 -u1` is *supposed* to cause `autotune` to return before it gets to the TDR measurement (autotune.c:121 & 147). Any chance you're not doing what you think you're doing?