Hashcat 6 / Cuda toolkit
am using hashcat 6 with nvidia Driver Version 446.14 and it works. however I want to install the cuda sdk toolkit and I find the stand alone file size is huge.

Quote:cuda_11.0.1_451.22_win10, filesize 2.7GB

is there a smaller download option for what is  required by hashcat only ?
no, not that I'm aware of.

It's true that it contains a lot of data/documentation and even the drivers that are often not needed.

The SDK contains several example code, documentations, the driver that fits to the CUDA version etc.... most of these are not really required for the normal hashcat use... but I don't think it's that easy to find an alternative link or repackage it etc.
That said, I think some package maintainers of linux distros distribute some "nvidia-cuda" packages that seem to be modified/smaller, but I'm not sure how and what they do exactly (maybe they just try to remove several things or split them into different packages like "-data" and "-dev" etc packages).

I guess if you really want to use CUDA, it's best to install it from the official site (nvidia.com) and just download the whole huge file Sad